May 23, 2018

Josh and Linda's Wedding in the Redwoods


Portola Redwoods State Park – May 12, 2018

Josh and Linda had to talk me out of referring them elsewhere. I don’t shoot weddings as a lead photographer, I told them. But when they said they “adore” my work, I gave in to flattery. I’m so glad I did.

Though they lived less than two blocks from each other in San Francisco, Josh and Linda first met on a backpacking trip in Central America. These two went to U-Haul-sized lengths to design a camping wedding that suited their personalities and their relationship. They’ve even started a business inspired by their venture into “glamping.” Now you can rent your own Glamp Kit here!

Friends and family helped pitch tents, inflate mattresses, bake cakes and cater food. “Everybody here loves us!” I heard Linda exclaim to Josh when I pulled them away from the action. How could we not? They share themselves freely and form deep connections with the people in their lives.

I’m so happy for this fun, compassionate, and courageous couple. Congratulations, Linda and Josh!

Married couple walks back down the aisle in Santa Cruz redwood park