Hi, I'm Kathleen.

Working as a professional event photographer since 2015, I have been hired to photograph hundreds of events to date: multi-day conferences, holiday parties, grand openings, comedy shows, and beyond.

I've learned to see events and spaces from different perspectives. I notice details. I capture candid emotion. Strung together, my images tell a story about your event that you can share for years to come. Through photography, I tell stories of relationships, company culture, new beginnings, and growth.

I'm an introvert, but I love being around people (I'm still trying to understand this myself). I do not love to be the center of attention. Honestly, I like to eavesdrop and people-watch. Event photography is probably the most appropriate application of that skill.

My clients tell me I somehow seem to be everywhere at once without disrupting the action. Don't get me wrong — I can shout the rowdiest crowd into group photo formation (even if they don't speak English — true story).

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