July 19, 2018

Redfin's Women@Work


This event may have been the highlight of my career so far. Realistically, I probably leave most events thinking it was the highlight of my career. I love my job. Okay, I love photographing events. Not a huge fan of spending hours glued to my screen editing photos or sitting doing nothing while I wait for imports, exports, uploads, and downloads.

My contact at Redfin started off by telling me she doesn't like giving much direction to artists. Music to my ears! I studied art and architecture before I became a photographer so shooting an event in an art gallery was pretty dreamy. The lighting for the reception was stunning and dynamic.

Beyond the creative opportunities this event presented, the content of the speaker series was particularly engaging. This was Redfin's second Women@Work event, focused on energizing women leaders in the technology industry. Attendees left with the clear message that equality and diversity benefit employees and employers. I loved every minute of this six-hour event!